Grade Center

Getting Started with Grade Center (PDF)

Blackboard Grade Center (video 32:14 ) - Breakdown of the Blackboard Grade Center section of Blackboard.

Customizing Grade Center View (video 2:31) - Tutorial on how to customize the grade center view by focusing on specific data. 

Getting Started with “Needs Grading” (PDF)

Exporting Grade Center to Excel (video 1:25) -Tips on exporting grade center informaiton into Excel.

Submitting Attendance (.pdf) - Reviews how to use the Tracking Student Attendance with the Grades and Attendance Tool.

Recording Last Date of Attendance (.pdf) Reviews the Last Date of Attendance and Never Attended with the Grades and Attendance Tool.

Submitting Grades (.pdf) REviews the Submitting Grades with the Grades and Attendance Tool.

Using Grades and Attendance to Record Attendance and Submit Grades (video 4:55 )Tutorial on how to use the Grades and Attendance functions in Blackboard so that you can transfer grades from Blackboard into Colleague.