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Blackboard Basics
Blackboard Grade Center

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Blackboard Basics
Blackboard Grade Center

The Basics

The Blackboard Instructor App (PDF)
The Course Environment
The Course Environment (PDF) 
Support Documents for Blackboard 

Announcements and Notifications

Creating Announcements
Sending Notifications to Students

Content Items

Uploading Files to your Course
Creating Rules for Content Release
Attaching Files to Content Items

Discussion Boards

Creating Discussion Boards
Grading Discussion Boards
Setting Discussion Boards to "Read-Only"


Creating Rubrics
Associating Rubrics with Content
Grading with Rubrics
Copying Rubrics from One Section to Another


Creating Tests
Setting Test Options
Copying Tests from One Section to Another
Uploading Test Questions from Excel
Adding an Existing Question
Tagging Questions for Reuse
Building Question Pools
Creating and Adding Random Block
Extending Test Availability for a Single Student
Providing Extra Time for Students who require Academic Accommodations

Assignments (formerly known as Dropboxes)

Inline Grading
How to Use SafeAssign in Assignments
Download Assignments

Performance Dashboard and Grade Center

The Performance Dashboard
Getting Started with Grade Center (PDF)
Customizing Grade Center View
Getting Started with "Needs Grading" (PDF)
Exporting Grade Center to Excel

Grades and Attendance

Submitting Attendance (PDF)
Recording Last Date of Attendance (PDF)
Submitting Grades (PDF)
Using Grades and Attendance to Record Attendance and Submit Grades (Video)