Blackboard Updates

Significant Change to Force Completion Functionality

When force completion is turned on the Timer function is automatically set to 60 minutes and auto submit is turned on.
Instructors can change the amount of time. Auto Submit cannot be turned off.  This can cause issues in any test using Force Completion especially if also using our online proctoring. We strongly discourage using Force Completion with proctoring.

If a test being given in the future is presently set to use Force Completion and the instructor goes to Edit > Test Options the timer and auto submit will be engaged. Instructors need to check the timer and auto submit to make sure the settings are as desired. 

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August 2023 – 3900.71 Release

The August 2023 - 3900.71 release is replete with features in seven areas:

  • Assessment and grading;
  • Richer course and content;
  • Data and analytics;
  • Groups;
  • Communications & social engagement;
  • Mobile app; and
  • Integration, extension, and management

These improvements impact instructors, students, and administrators. Some features do require administrative action.


Instructors and students:

All users: