IPIC Session Recordings

September 1,  2022


Pre-Class Week 2022: Teaching with Empathy w/ Chinaza Onyile. Video 1:01.19.

Pre-Class Week 2022: Best Practices in Online Learning: Using Quality Matters w/ Chinaza Onyile. Video 39:13.

Spring 2022  


Book Club Kick-off Session  (video 1:00:19) Presented by Gonzalo Perez and Carol Bork.

Keeping Us Engaged: Student Perspective (video 1:00:05) Presented by Christine Harrington.

Civility and Findings (video 1:00:54) Presented by Dr. Andrea Lynch and Marvin Carter.

September 2, 2021 


IOMG Why am I in Bio 101? Science Department Faculty  (video 25:06) Presented by Ellen Genovesi.

Bibliovation: Virtual Library Resources and Access  (video 24:11) Presented by Pam Price and Olivia Nellums.

Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk...What We Learned From the University of South Florida DEI Certificate Program  (video 54:41) Presented by Dr. Andrea Lynch, Marvin Carter, Dr. Charles Haas, Frank Benowitz, and Amy Collins.

Beyond ENG 101...Improving Students Writing in Every Class  (video 1:23:52) Presented by Dr. Denise Bork.

What Can MCCC Do For You, MCCC Student Services (video 40:32) Presented by Dr. Tonia Perry-Conley. 

Lessons From the Remote Classroom  (video 47:41) Presented by Chinaza Onyile, LSW.

January 13, 2021 

Recordings and Powerpoints

Academic Integrity in the Time of COVID (video 51:01)  Presented by Professor Nicole Homer.

Academic Integity in the Time of Covid (.ppt) Presented by Professor Nicole Homer.

We All have to Teach Reading (video 55:00) Presented by Dr. Chris Cruz-Callari.

We Wear the Mask: Anxiety/Depression Symptoms in People of Color (video 1:00:08) Presented by Dr.Yannick Ladson.

The Diversity of Genders and Pronouns on Campus (video 1:11:28) Presented by Dr. Ed Avery-Natale and Dr. Daniel Schermond.

September 2, 2020

Recordings and Powerpoints

Safe Return to Campus (video 58:55)  Kevin Duffy.

Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Virtual Environment (video 53:14) Arlene Stinson.

Student Planning: Remote Communication and Advising (video 1:05:56) Victoria Bowman.