Mercer Online Training and Resources

September 1, 2022


Pre-Class Week 2022: Blackboard Basics for Instructors w/ Chinaza Onyile. (video 1:01:19 .

September 1, 2021


MercerOnline Ultraverse: Path to Ultra (video 27:56) Presented by Vicente Erazo.

Faculty Backpack: Using OneDrive to Manage Info (video 29:31) Presented by Robert Obermeier.

Assess For Success: A Practical Guide to Creating Assessments (video 44:44) Presented by Chinaza Onyile.

Faculty Backpack: Using Microsoft Stream for Video Sharing and Lecture Delivery (video 1:01:13) Presented by Vicente Erazo and Nina Rogers.

January 14, 2021


Blackboard Troubleshooting Tips (video 41:26).

Review the Changes to the 'Content Editor' (video 20:11).

How to Give Students Another Attempt and Accommodations (video 33:47).

How to Communicate with Students Using Bb Announcement and Email  (video 13:00).  

How to Setup and Use Discussion Boards  (video 26:53).

Best Practices for Managing Bb Shell File Size  (video 49:02). 

Bb Collaborate Demonstration, (video 39:00) Presented by Monica Hill, Blackboard.

July 30, 2020

Recordings and PowerPoints

Accessibility (video 51:01) Presented by Arlene Stinson.

How to Use Bb Settings to Prevent Cheating and Prepare Tests for Bb: (video 27:26) Presented by Nina Rogers

Video Conference Basics: (video 16:36) Presented by Robert Obermeier.

Blackboard Collaborate Demonstration: (video 49:20) Presented by Monica Hill, Bb Global Client Experience Manager. 

Tech Tools to Enhance Student Engagement in Your Course (video 30:11) Presented by Rob Obermeier and Nina Rogers.

Intergrating Tech Tools to Enhance Student Engagement in Your Course (.ppt).

March 2020


Blackboard Basics (video 56:11)

Blackboard Gradecenter (video 30:11)

OneDrive/Collaborate (video 30:11)