The college has a limited number of professional Zoom licenses that are available for employees to use. Blackboard, which includes Collaborate, however, is our preferred web conferencing platform for academic classes and should be the default choice, in most cases. If the following is true, please reach out to your academic dean with an explanation.

1. Zoom has a feature that is needed for this class and is not available using Collaborate or Teams;
2. I have researched other options, and this unique feature is necessary to properly instruct this class;
3. I have already asked the Mercer Online team for assistance in finding this feature in Collaborate.

With the deans’ approval, your request will be sent to IT for distribution. Please keep in mind that Zoom is no longer supported by Mercer Online, and IT is not prepared to either train end-users or advise on pedagogical topics. If you have a one-time need for this product for non-instructional purposes, please contact your dean’s office to ask if this meeting can be scheduled for you.

Zoom Reference Guide  .pdf

Zoom Status Update website -This website provides information about current Zoom outages and scheduled maintenance.