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Mercer Online Videos and Information

Blackboard Basics (video 56:11 )  - Comprehensive video of the Blackboard Information Session.

Pre-Class Week 2022: Blackboard Basics for Instructors w/ Chinaza Onyile. (video 1:01:19 .

Online Learning Best Practices – (.pdf) A list of best practices for Online Learning.

The Course Environment
 - (.pdf) A visual breakdown of the Blackboard course environment.

Support Documents for Blackboard (OneDrive shared folder) – Includes Blackboard training information on Announcements, Calendar Assignments, discussion boards, and more.

Adding Audio or Video Feedback for Students - (.pdf) Benefits to using Audio/Video to provide feedback to students improves student response to feedback; makes grading more efficient, and improves instructor-student relationships.

Not Receiving Instructor Emails from Blackboard - (.pdf) This document will show you how to update that setting so you can receive these important emails.

Understanding Ultra Courses -(video  4:26 ) This video provides an overview of the new Blackboard Ulta Course structure.

Status Update website - This website provides information about current Blackboard outages and scheduled maintenance.

Blackboard Playlists

MercerOnline-Blackboard Learn (original view) Tutorials (videos) Includes Blackboard information on course copies, submitting grades and more.

Creating Announcements and Notifications

Creating Announcements (video 0:52) - Announcements are an idea way to post time sensitive information critical to course success.


Discussion Boards

Creating Discussion Boards  (video 1:46) - This tutorial will demonstrate how to create forums and threads to organize discussions into units or topics.

Setting Discussion Boards to "Read-Only"  (video 2:01) - This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a discussion form and make it "read only". 

Course Copies

How to Copy Course Content (video 6:46) - This tutorial will demonstrate how to copy course content.

Course Copy Original Learn (.pdf)

Exporting and Archiving Courses (.pdf)


Exporting & Archiving Original Learn (.pdf)

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard (video 1:05) - The performance dashboard helps you monitor student progress and keep students on track. 

Retention Center

Blackboard Retention Center  (pdf) The Retention Center provides easy-to-use data visualization and pre-configured rules for identifying at-risk students in a course.

Educator Insights Blog

Educator Insights Blog Website.